Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Man Called Noon - Everybody Move (2017)

Written by Laura Dodero, posted by blog admin

The third outing from Chicago’s Man Called Noon represents a substantial leap into the future for the Windy City eight piece and Everybody Move finds their brand of intimate, yet intensely physical, music more alive than ever and, potentially, ready to commercially take off in a significant way. However far Man Called Noon takes their dreams, they will always be able to say that they didn’t compromise themselves to reach their goals. The three songs on Everybody Move indulge in a relatively wide cross section of sounds for such a short EP and the band convincingly pulls off that stylistic balancing act. Their music brings singer/songwriter level intimacy together with a soulful, robust approach to arranging along indie alternative rock lines. One of their unique signature, multiple voices exerting some sort of effect on each of the cuts, elevates these already fine songs to a higher realm.

The title song has an ambitious, melodic texture despite its condensed length. James Marino and Anthony Giamichael’s guitars rein themselves in for a fill and rhythm focused performance only occasionally bursting into brief melody laced passages from lead guitarist Marino. Giamichael’s vocals lead the way for Man Called Noon, but Erin Myover-Piotrowski and Jacqyelynn Camden’s contributions are important in this song and the remaining tracks. Much of the Americana touches creeping in on their earlier releases are, largely, missing with this EP, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of the band’s presentation on the title song. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” has similar results. This is far removed from Americana and, instead, the funk and rock mix powering this cut is topped off by a superior vocal from Giamichael. The song is a little busier than the title number, but never threatens to overwhelm you. Instead, it has fiery rhythms and a rock attitude that captures you quick.

“One Last Ride” does a much better job of bringing a rock sound into the EP and it’s never inaccessible. Marino’s lead guitar is a pivotal part of what makes this work, naturally, but the rhythm section performance from bassist Dave Aitken and drummer Josh Fontenot keys much of its fireworks without ever sounding too heavy handed. Giamichael’s upper register bent is credible tackling a straight rock track and the lyrics are among the most effective on Everybody Move. Man Called Noon’s EP recording carries the band’s creative vision a significant step forward without ever losing sight of its foundational strengths. Anthony Giamichael and his band mates sound fully engaged with this material and it’ll surely ignite even hotter during live performances.

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